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Why choose a prefabricated bathroom?
  • Higher quality
  • Significant savings in the design and execution
  • Lower operating and maintenance expenses
  • Shorter construction time
  • Active involvement of the user early in the construction process
  • Better safety on construction sites

Probath prefabricated bathroom is a sealed module in fibre reinforced concrete that is resistant to the wet and humid environment of the bathroom.

The manufacture of the Probath is done under an extensive control program.
  1. Registration of orders, production of 2D model
  2. Drawing submitted for customer approval
  3. Preparation of production drawings and .dwg files
  4. Parts and components are ordered
  5. Production of floors, walls and ceilings
  6. Installation of fixtures and packing for transport

Bathroom modules are delivered on site by truck.  Handover of the bathroom modules is done with the customer and a representative from Probath present. After permanent installation of the bathroom modules, each bathroom is reviewed and checked by the Probath representative and the customer.